Scatter/Gather thoughts

by Johan Petersson

Free Intel processor manuals

If you visit a certain Intel documentation site, search for IA-32 by title, and order the microprocessor manuals found, Intel will ship them to you completely free. Allegedly this is due to some sort of anti-trust agreement. I must admit I was a bit skeptical, but I now know it's true: the manuals I ordered last Friday just arrived. For some unfathomable reason they were sent as an international priority FedEx package.

Whatever your reasons may be, thank you so much, Intel! My basic reference up until now has been a printed manual for the original Pentium (purchased back when that was the hottest new thing from Intel, figuratively speaking). I've had to rely on miscellaneous pieces of CPU documentation scattered around my apartment and hard drive for all the newer features. I'm sure this set of brand-new manuals covering the current 32-bit processors will be most helpful.

29 August, 2005