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November 2004 Entry Index

Pretty Good Pollution

My public PGP key is available if you need it. I do not normally sign or encrypt my mail with PGP; the information I send is rarely sensitive enough to warrant encryption, and signing is likely to confuse less experienced computer users.

30 November, 2004 | read more

Templates and generics

Brandon Bray provides an excellent summary of the difference between templates and generics. That is, templates as in C++ and generics as in C# and the .NET Framework.

26 November, 2004 | read more

Flybar 1200

World Cup champion skateboarder Andy McDonald is sponsoring the Flybar, an extreme pogo stick allegedly capable of reaching elevations in excess of 1.5 meters (5 feet)!

25 November, 2004 | read more

Extensibility working against me

Spent a couple of hours hacking on the blog PHP code. It's not possible to post comments yet, but I did add a simple RSS 1.0 feed. There was a bit of a problem with getting Firefox to use it as a Live Bookmark; no entries were being displayed.

24 November, 2004 | read more

And so it begins...

OK, I'm officially blogging now. The old home page hadn't been updated for ages and felt rather stale; this format should allow me to write down more specific thoughts and details about works-in-progress.

21 November, 2004 | read more